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Our Employees – to be an “employer of choice” in our industry and respective operational locations by providing a secure, safe, and productive work environment for the continuous growth of our employees and the sustainability of our business.

With Constant Care – taking care of business today while constantly preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Honesty – to conduct ourselves with honor and integrity in any situation, at all times.  Our ‘word’ is truly our bond.

Humility – to listen to our employees, suppliers, and customers; learn from them; share their opinions, contributions, and conclusions; and promote a platform for open and forthright dialogue while providing an opportunity for others to speak freely and with open-minds.

Valuing Our Good Name – Our reputation and success depends on the way we fulfill our values in conducting business. We incorporate and insist on a “Do What You Say You’re Going To Do” philosophy to build strong, lasting business partnerships and promote good social citizenship.

Our Heritage; Our Values

From our past ownership by the A.P. Moller – Maersk Group of Copenhagen, Denmark (1997-2010), we at Premier Technical Plastics embrace similar core values which include:  high regard for our employees, the demonstration of constant care, uprightness (honesty), humbleness (humility), and the emphatic protection of our good name. Our reputation and future success depend on the way in which we fulfill these values while conducting business today – Our word is our bond.

With Constant Care – “No loss should hit us, which could be avoided with constant care.”
(Mr. A.P. Moller)